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Every Day Alive Is A Special Occasion.

First attempt at “Spa Water”, apple infused water.

at Walmart Supercenter

at John Chesnut Park

Diet’s going good so far! #healthy #loseit (at Mease Cafeteria)

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Welcome to the south.

at Wagon Wheel Flea Market

at Dillard’s

No filter! (at Wagon Wheel Flea Market)


#Peaceful #Nature #Druidry #Pagan #Stressfree #Spirituality #Breathe #Healing #Wanderlust #UrbanDruid #Happiness #Love






ting ting ting tingtingtingtingTINGTINGTINGTINGTINGTING

Beethoven did this too, and he was a genius.

beethoven was not a cat


Sarah Silverman is visited by Jesus Christ

Why can’t I say something stupid or offensive (I mean, “my personal opinion”) without people calling me out on it, why do people have to be so mean to me? I thought I had freedom of speech, but people are disagreeing with me, NO FAIR! :-(

My Blog:
Effective after January 29th, 2014, this is a Personal, Liberal, Feminist, Nature, Multi-Fandom, Pretty, Girly, LGBT+ (Bisexuality Focused), Pagan/Druid, Hipster/Indie/Hippie style blog. All posts from before above date may not fit into this, please ignore if this is the case.
My Self:
23, Cingender Female, Dark Ash Blonde, American, B- Personality, Floridian, Favorite Colors: Pink and Turquoise/Aqua, Listens to Pop, Alt. Pop and Electronic Music, likes fantasy and sci fi movies, etc.
Likes Dance Pop, (The Color) Pink, my iPhone, hanging out with friends and Tumblr.
Hates jerks and Wasps.

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